Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Allgemeine Vertrags- und Reisebedingungen

  1. Liability

    1.1 These general contract and travel conditions apply to events organized by Ragaz Balaton KFT
    Travel organization or other services offered by Ragaz Balaton KFT. Ragaz Balaton KFT reimburses the loss or additional costs of the agreed services if the tour guide, our representative or our contractual partner could not offer an equivalent substitute service on the spot. Liability is limited to direct damages and includes the agreed travel price.

    1.2 The general contract and transport conditions of the responsible transport company apply to flights and ferry services operated by Ragaz Balaton KFT. We are not responsible for changes to the flight plan. In particular, the travel agency Ragaz Balaton KFT assumes no responsibility for changes to the travel program that occur due to force majeure, strikes, official measures or delays and cancellations by third parties, for which Ragaz Balaton KFT assumes no responsibility.

    1.3 In case of death, bodily injury or illness caused by Ragaz Balaton KFT, Ragaz Balaton KFT is only responsible for the direct damage. If Ragaz Balaton KFT is responsible for damages caused by commissioned companies (hotels, airlines, etc.), your claim must be assigned to Ragaz Balaton KFT. In liability cases related to air transport or the use of other transport companies (railways, ships, bus companies, etc.), the amount of compensation claims is limited to the amounts arising on the basis of international agreements or national legislation.

    1.4 If Ragaz Balaton KFT is held liable for property damage and financial loss, the tour operator's liability for damages is usually limited to twice the travel price (taking into account the limitations of liability contained in international contracts).

    1.5 In addition to the travel program, local events and excursions can be booked at the resort. It cannot be ruled out that one or another event involves risks due to special local conditions or requires physical requirements that not everyone has. Ragaz Balaton KFT assumes no responsibility for trips to resorts that are not made through the local representative of Ragaz Balaton KFT.

    1.6 To cover travel risks, we recommend that you take out travel insurance (SOS, assistance, baggage, accident, etc.) if you have not already taken out adequate insurance with adequate coverage. Ragaz Balaton KFT provides information.

  2. Conclusion of contract

    2.1 The contract between you and travel agency Ragaz Balaton KFT is concluded upon acceptance of your written, telephone or personal registration at your booking office. From this point on, the rights and obligations under the contract become effective for you and Ragaz Balaton KFT. Special requests are only part of the contract if they have been accepted and confirmed by your booking office.

  3. Prices and payment terms

    3.1 Die Preise für Reisearrangements ersehen sie aus den aktuellen Preislisten. Die Preise für Reisearrangements verstehen sich, wenn nichts anderes bei der Ausschreibung in der Preisliste ist ervetten, per Person in Swiss Francs bei Unterkunft im Doppelzimmer.

    3.2 Anlässingen der Annahme Ihrer Buchung durch die Buchungsstelle ist eine Anzahlung von 30 % (oder mindesten CHF 100 des Arrangementes per Person zu leisten. Erhält die Buchungsstelle die Anzahlung nicht fristgerecht, kann Ragaz Balaton KFT die Reiseleistungen und Cancellationskosten von CHF 100.- per Person, bzw. CHF 200.- per Auftrag erheben.

    3.3 Die Zahlung für den restlichen Reisepreis hat bis spätestens 28 Tage vor Abreise bei der Buchungsstelle einzutreffen. Erfolgt die Zahlung nicht fristgerecht, Ragaz Balaton KFT can deny the travel benefits and cancel the cancellation costs according to Section 3.2. Sofern nichts anderes verhältig wurde, werden Ihnen die Dokumente nach Eingang Ihrer Zahlung des gesamten Rechnungsbetrages ausgehändigt oder zugestellt.

    3.4 Book Ihre Reise weniger als 28 Tage vor Abreise, ist der gesamte Rechnungsbetrag unmittelbar bei Buchung zu bezahlen. Eine Anzahlung wird hinfällig.

    3.5 For Travel Arrangement (Inkls Anreise / Abreise) erheben wir eine Buchungsgebühr von Fr. 40.- per Person, maximum Fr. 80.- per Auftrag.

    3.6 In Ausnahmefällen ist es möglich, dass die Preise erhöhnt werden müssen (z.B. infolge Treibstoffzuschlägen, höheren staatlichen Abgaben oder Steuern usw.

  4. Cancellation, rebooking, change

    4.1 If you cancel a booked trip, change it or rebook it, you must inform your booking office personally or by registered letter. The travel documentation you have already received must be returned to the booking office at the same time.

    4.2 If your trip is canceled, changed or rebooked, a processing fee of CHF 100 per person and a maximum of CHF 200 per order will be charged, plus any telephone, fax, telex or telegram fees. These processing fees are not covered by the cancellation insurance.

    4.3 In the event of cancellation, changes or rebookings, the following costs in % of the arrangement price will be charged in addition to the processing fees (3.2): 29-22 days 20% before the start of the trip: 21-15 days 40% before the start of the trip: 14-8 days 60% before the start of the trip: 7-1 days 80% before the start of the trip: No-show or late arrival: 100% Special cancellation and rebooking conditions for groups or for individual services (e.g. special flight tariffs, round trips, etc.) remain reserved.

    4.4 If you end your trip prematurely for any reason, Ragaz Balaton KFT cannot refund you the price of the travel arrangement. If possible, we will reimburse you for any services not received. (Please note the option to take out return travel insurance). Last minute: When withdrawing from special promotions and last minute bookings: from 21 days before departure, 100% of the arrangement price will be charged. The travel costs must be paid according to the transport company's guidelines 20-100%

    4.5 The decisive factor for calculating the cancellation or change date is the receipt of your declaration at the booking office. For Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day applies.

    4.6 In cases of hardship, the cancellation costs will be covered by our cancellation cost protection (Fr. 30 per person).

    4.7 If you have to cancel your trip, you can nominate a replacement traveler. A replacement traveler must be named in good time. He must be prepared to enter into the contract under the existing conditions and to meet the special travel requirements (health, etc.), and his participation must not be prevented by any legal regulations or official orders. The processing fee (Section 3.2.) and any additional costs incurred must be borne by you or the replacement traveler. If a replacement traveler enters into the contract, you and he are jointly liable for payment of the travel price. Reisebüro Glärnisch AG will inform you within a reasonable period of time whether the named replacement traveler can take part in the trip; an exam can take several days. If the conditions for replacement travelers cannot be met, your travel cancellation will be considered a cancellation.
  5. Complaints

    5.1 If the trip does not correspond to the order confirmation, or if it has another significant defect, you are entitled to immediately request immediate and free remedial action from the local Ragaz Balaton KFT representative or the service provider. If remedial action is not possible, you must request written confirmation from the local Ragaz Balaton KFT representative or the service provider. You must submit your complaints and confirmations in writing to your travel agency or to Reisebüro Glärnisch AG within 10 days of your return at the latest.

  6. Trip cancellation or change by Ragaz Balaton KFT

    6.1 Ragaz Balaton KFT is entitled to cancel the trip if you give legitimate reasons to do so through actions or omissions. In this case, travel agency Ragaz Balaton KFT will refund you the travel price you have already paid; further claims are excluded. Cancellation costs and further claims for damages remain reserved.

    6.2 If fewer than the intended minimum number of participants take part in a trip, Ragaz Balaton KFT can cancel the trip no later than 21 days before the scheduled start of the trip. You will be reimbursed a maximum of the amounts paid.

    6.3 Force majeure events (e.g. natural disasters, epidemics, unrest, acts of terrorism, official measures or strikes) may cause Ragaz Balaton KFT to cancel the trip, even at short notice. A maximum of the amounts you have paid in will be reimbursed.

    6.4 In the event that the air transport company obliged by Ragaz Balaton KFT uses unforeseen aircraft types to carry out the transport in a timely manner, Ragaz Balaton KFT reserves the right to carry out the transport with another air transport company, other aircraft types or other flight times.

    6.5 Ragaz Balaton KFT is entitled to cancel the trip for other reasons. A maximum of the amounts you have paid in will be reimbursed.

  7. Entry regulations

    7.1 The travelers themselves are responsible for complying with entry, health and currency regulations. If entry is refused, you must bear the return travel costs yourself.

  8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    8.1 Hungarian law applies to the legal relationship between you and Ragaz Balaton KFT.

    8.2 Claims against Ragaz Balaton KFT can only be brought at its headquarters: Ragaz Balaton KFT, 8600 Siofok (Hungary).

As of February 11, 2011