Club Pub Daddy


Our bar and disco is located on Siofok's entertainment mile, the Petőfi sétány, just 50 meters from the Coke Club Siofok. With a 200 m2 terrace and comfortable armchairs, it invites you to linger. In addition to all imaginable drinks and cocktails, tapas, various types of ice cream and, as the only shop in Siofok, raclette and fondue are offered. At night, Pub Daddy transforms into a party venue with direct access to Coke Beach. Siofok is a vibrant city right on Lake Balaton, with the hottest clubs, discos, beaches and pubs located on the Petöfy Promenade. Further up in the city are the big clubs like Flört and Palace.

Dj-k, műsorok és újdonságok 2017 @ Pub Daddy

A megnyitóra április 23-án került sor. 2017. Innentől kezdve a legjobb zenékkel és remek koktélokkal várunk benneteket!

rezidensek 2017: Balatonbetas (Spirit & Tian) Danielson (CH) Rush

Vendég Dj-k: (CH) Metha, Mattan, Gaga, Legendary Moments, EastCafe, Seb Blake (Franciaország), Ra-Moon (CH), Backstube (CH), Mik3 (CH), Robert R Hardy, Duel Live fx , Chriss Ronson, Badgirls, Budai, Sanfranciscobeat, Bader András, Davko és még sokan mások

Our club can be rented in fall, winter and spring. For company parties, birthdays etc. Ask +41796553318. It is heated and has space for around 200 people. Food and drink can be booked additionally.